The subtle flavors of turkey and the wide variety of turkey products make it easy to adapt to seasonal preparation.

Wintertime stews, soups, chilies and chowders are enhanced with the use of dark turkey meat. Bone-in turkey chops and thighs are hearty cold weather offerings. Spring and summer salads blend well with grilled and roasted turkey. Turkey cutlets, tenderloins, medallions and ground products offer delightful grilled signature menu items throughout the year.

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A noted chef who has been recognized by the DiRoNa (Distinguished Restaurants of North America) says, "Turkey lends itself to any season because it is a very flexible product and easy to work with."


Cooking Methods
Boning a Whole Turkey
Basics of Cooking
Seasonal Versatility
Measuring Temperature
Cooking Whole Turkey
Cooking Small Parts
Turkey Stock
Heating & Holding

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