Turkey stock will offer a hearty flavor to soups and sauces.  The stock can be prepared from the whole carcass or a commercial turkey base can be ordered from your purveyor.  Turkey stock can be a healthy alternative to butter and cream.

Turkey stock made from the carcass will further extend the excellent food costs gained when using a whole turkey or turkey breast.  For extra flavor, try preparing a stock from smoked turkey bones.

Turkey base will enrich gravy, pot pie, stuffings/dressings and a variety of entrees with the additional flavor of roasted turkey.  For additional taste, turkey base can also be rubbed on turkey cutlets, chops or medallions prior to sauteing.

Turkey Stock Recipe

Cooking Methods
Boning a Whole Turkey
Basics of Cooking
Seasonal Versatility
Measuring Temperature
Cooking Whole Turkey
Cooking Small Parts
Turkey Stock
Heating & Holding

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