The Alternative. Choose a familiar appetizer or entree and use turkey as a tasty substitute for beef, pork or chicken. Feature turkey in each of the following menu items: black bean chili, asparagus chowder, Greek pita sandwiches, quesadillas, osso buco, lasagna, and scalloppine.

"Gobble It Up" Buffet. Give your luncheon or dinner buffets new life with turkey. Feature a variety of turkey products in new ways, such as your own signature recipes for creamy wild rice soup, turkey and Szechuan vegetables or turkey salad with Thai dressing.

Create a special pasta buffet with an assortment of dishes, including turkey with a tasty herb sauce over rigatoni, penne or risotto.

"The King's Feast." Offer this special menu item for customers with noble appetites: a barbecued turkey drumstick, corn grilled in the husk, roasted new potatoes with rosemary and apple coleslaw.

The "All-American." With the increased popularity of using local, indigenous ingredients, what could be better than turkey? It's native to North America. Serve turkey bratwurst with sauerkraut or Creole-flavored turkey burgers topped with melted jack cheese, red onions and tomatoes.

Turkey Classics. Don't overlook your customers' turkey favorites. Make turkey a regular part of luncheon menus with turkey soups and sandwiches. Soups, such as Turkey Florentine or Turkey Corn Chowder, are sure to appeal to customers. For sandwiches, consider shaved smoked turkey breast with Mozzarella and red or yellow peppers or a hot Philadelphia-style cheese steak.

Express Luncheon Club. Cater to the rushed business customer. Set up a noontime Express Luncheon Club in a separate dining room/area. Offer guaranteed 50-minute in and out service with make-ahead turkey sandwiches, salads and soups.

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