Turkey was traditionally viewed as a special event food. So, why not capitalize on this image and feature turkey at your special events year-round.

During Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas, turkey is an essential part of the menu -- a part of the seasonal celebration your customers look forward to all year long. Add to the excitement of the season with your own special holiday events.

Promote special week-long holiday buffets featuring roasted turkey plus other turkey dishes to introduce customers to the variety and versatility of turkey during classic "turkey season." Here's an idea: Offer alternatives to traditional roast turkey with deep-fried turkey, jerk, barbecued and honey-mustard styles.

Turkey is equally appropriate for any celebration. Here's a whole calendar full of reasons to celebrate.

Superbowl Sunday Buffet. Set up several big screen televisions and an elaborate buffet featuring deep-fried turkey.

Valentine's Day. Feature slices of herbed turkey breast with either a tart cherry or raspberry sauce on a bed of blended wild rice, served with buttery fresh asparagus.

Mothers Day - Feature a special entrée that will be easy on your staff during this busy restaurant day. Present a citrus glazed turkey cutlet to make service easy.

St. Patrick's Day. Offer hot turkey ham sandwiches on Irish soda bread, a piping hot bowl of leek and potato soup and a pint of icy cold green beer.

June is Turkey Lover's Month. Celebrate turkey's great taste, convenience and healthful appeal all month with a variety of turkey specials.

Independence Day. Be truly "All-American" on the Fourth of July. Feature grilled or barbecued turkey drumsticks and turkey chops or steaks with either a sweet corn relish or corn on the cob.

Grandparents Day - Present a grand turkey entrée for the grandparents special meal. A roasted turkey with sage and sherried cider gravy will surely please the honorees.

Oktoberfest. Smother a flavorful turkey bratwurst with mounds of sauerkraut and serve with a cold mug of beer.


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