One way to build your operation's check average is to increase the sale of appetizers. The National Restaurant Association indicates appetizers are the fastest growing menu segment. Turkey is inexpensive, easy to prepare and an ideal ingredient for appetizers.

Ground turkey can enhance the presentation of stuffed mushrooms, turkey spanakopita and turkey croquettes with mango salsa. Banquet appetizers, such as turkey encased in phyllo or puff pastry, can further provide a profitable food cost. Stronger flavored turkey thighs and drumsticks will enhance nacho platters and spicy empanada presentations. Smoked turkey is ideal for use with a variety of canapes. Appetizers are also a great way to use leftover cooked turkey. Use cooked turkey in tostadas, tortilla roll-ups and crostini with tomatoes, fresh basil and melted Mozzarella.

The subtle flavors of turkey will blend well with a variety of ethnic offerings including Southwestern smoked turkey quesadillas, Asian spring rolls, Caribbean turkey skewers or Indian turkey satay with spicy peanut sauce.


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