• Thawing in cold water is not recommended. However, due to time constraints, thawing in cold running water may be required in certain situations.
    • Vacuum-wrapped whole body turkeys and turkey products can be thawed in cold running water in original wrappings. Products not vacuum-sealed and wrapped must be placed in plastic bags and tightly sealed. If a vacuum-wrapped product has a tear or if the seal is broken, the product must be handled like an item that is not vacuum-wrapped.
    • Place vacuum-wrapped or tightly sealed bags in sanitized sink.
    • Submerge the product completely under a steady stream of cold running water at a temperature of 70ºF or less.
    • Thaw until pliable, about 30 minutes per pound of turkey weight for whole birds and large pieces of turkey. (NOTE: A 20 to 24 pound bird will thaw in 11 to 12 hours.) Allow 20 to 30 minutes per pound for ground turkey and single service cuts.
    • Final thawed temperature should not exceed 38ºF, determined by inserting a thermometer into deepest or thickest area of product.

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